Permit Application

Drivers of foreign-registered goods vehicles who wish to transit through Botswana must have a permit to do so. It is issued at the Department of Transport by the Department of Customs and Excise. This  permit is really targeted at those crossing into Botswana on multiple occasions. Please note that in addition to this permit, persons wishing to cross the border into Botswana using foreign-registered vehicles must also complete the Consignment Note form, describing the origin, weight and destination of load being carried (for goods-carrying vehicles only). This and the permit are complementary and facilitate crossing the border.

Who is eligible?
Any driver of a foreign-registered goods vehicle, crossing the border into Botswana and Namibia for multiple trips can apply.

How do I get this service?
Contact our Office in order to apply or
1. A Completed application form.
2. Take completed form along with supporting documents to the Customs and Excise Officer at any of the border locations.
3. Pay required fee and permit is issued.

What supporting documents are required?
The following documents are necessary:
* Copy of the vehicle’s registration document
* Copy of vehicle’s valid road worthiness certificate

We can apply on your be halve- please contact our office