African Transport Advisers, t/a ATA-Online, are specialized transport consultants. We obtain road transport permits on behalf of the road transport industry.

African Transport Advisers (Pty) Ltd. conducts a wide range of services which facilitate reliable delivery of road transport permits to customers around the SADC region. Core services include to process single, annual exemption & Cross Border permits, specializing but not limited to, the Car Carrier Industry— we want the process to be speedy and simple. Powered by proprietary technology, well trained staff, and resounding commitment, we provide online tools that can help your company carry out its many business more accurately, more profitably, and with less risk. Finding the right combination of automation and efficiency for your business, the ATA  team is unwavering in its mission to provide the best service.

We firmly believe that our services are only as good as the people behind them, so we always make sure that you have the most knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly staff to help you attain your business goals. We accommodate organizations of any size or complexity. We grow as you do, expanding to allow for new entities, new regions, and new enterprises. Our reporting tools provide a clear view of all of your business activities with us, bringing to light opportunities for process improvements and increased ROI.

Our solutions are integrated for better value. They're cloud-based. They're accessible from anywhere the world with just a secure browser and an authorized login, giving you the freedom you need to get your work done wherever you go. By partnering with African Transport Advisers, you'll reduce impacts to your budget and staff resources—our services don't require software installations or updates, user-based fees, or support from your IT department. Our technology enables smoother transactions, smarter decisions, improved compliance, easier collaboration, stronger intellectual property protection, and faster transfer and management of permit data.

African Transport Advisers is a leader in making a difference in the communities where we work.We strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can operate at their best, succeed professionally and contribute to their community.