African Transport Advisers, or ATA-Online, based in Pretoria - South Africa, are transport consultants. We assist with obtaining road transport permits on behalf from the road transport industry. African Transport Advisers facilitates a wide range of services and reliable delivery of road transport permits to customers around the SADC region. Each of our solutions, are backed by legendary customer service. Our success grows from the conviction, that our clients deserve the best-possible support, which is our commitment to you.


Our core services include obtaining single and annual exemption permits, mainly for the Car Carrier Industry, but also other Abnormal Load exemption permits and all other related permits such as Cross Border permits. We want the process to be fast and cost effective. By proprietary technology, trained staff, and resounding commitment, we provide online tools that can help your Company carry out its main business more accurately, more profitably, and with less risk. Finding the right combination of dedication and efficiency for your business. Our team is unwavering in its mission to provide you with the best possible service.

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Do I need abnormal permits in Namibia for Abnormal Loads & Car Carrier?

Yes, all SADEC Countries require almost the same conditions. You do need exmption permits, Cross Border permits and road levies.

Why is it necessary for any person driving a pickup to be in possession of (Professional Driving Permit) PrDP goods?

Section 106 subsection 2 of the RTA states that no person shall drive a vehicle conveying goods for hire or reward or own account unless he is the holder of PrDP goods or PrDP H (Hazardous) for that class of vehicle.


What do you require to apply for a Car Carrier Permit?

You need to establish if your combination qualifies as a PBS (Precision Based Standard) or a normal application. For a PBS permit

we will need an assessment from the CSiR. For a standard car carrier application we will need the following:

  • a Copy of the 1st 2 pages of the existing / previous permit.
  • A Valid RTMS Certificate
  • Your Combination registration documents (Horse & Trailer) – must be valid
  • The Provinces in which you need to operate
  • The starting date of your application


What is being done to address deaths and injuries resulting from road traffic accidents?

The problem continues to be addressed through a number of initiatives such as children traffic education; out-reach programs undertaken by district road safety committees; review of Road Traffic Act; media campaigns; enforcement initiatives; and the national road safety strategic plan is being developed to undertake a holistic approach to issues of road safety education.

When do I need an Abnormal Load exemption permit?

As soon as you load (non divisible) exceeds certain legal measurement, an exemption permit is required for each Province you transit.

  • Height: 4300 mm
  • Length: 18500 mm
  • With: 2600 mm
  • Mass: 51000 kg


How long does it take to get a Car Carrier permit?

Depending on the Department and other factors such as load shedding and internet downtime, it should take no longer than a week.

Transportation, preparation and the validating of info take time and another week should be added.

Why do I need a permit for each Province?

In the past you could drive with 1 x annual Country wide permit throughout RSA. However, since then the various Provinces opted to

also issue permits per province and hence, you will need a permit for each province.


Can Car Carriers travel 24/7?

The answer is yes. Car Carrier are exempted from standard embargo dates. However, in extreme events such as bad weather and or inner city congestion, an Officer of the Law do have the authority to stop a Car Carrier until such a time that conditions improve.

Can I transport Vehicles without a Permit?

No, unless you comply with the legal limits, thus, the loaded dimensions does not exceed the following:

Height: 4300 mm

Width: 2600 mm

Length: 18500 mm

Should you exceed 1 or more of the above dimensions, an exemption permit is required.

What are the requirements for applying for road transport permits?

We have 2 types of Permits which are Passenger and Goods permits. The following are the Permit sub-types: Tour operation, Scheduled/Long route, Local route, Staff transportation, School, Taxi, Cab and Own account. The requirements for permit application are therefore stipulated below:
Certified copies of ID of the applicant or Resident permit and passport if an applicant is a foreigner. Share certificate and certificate of incorporation of a company, if the applicant is a company Registration book and Roadworthiness certificate if applicant already possesses a vehicle- if not, an applicant should provide financial proof ( a letter from any financial institution to prove that the applicant will be financed) Complete RTS. 1 Application form Application fee (P 100.00).

  • For School Bus applicants, they should furnish a List of
    students, stamped and letter from school head, signed and
  • For Tour Operation, Tourism license is required and
  • Cab requires BTA Radio license.
What should I do when I want to buy a use Car Carrier?

Be certain that such a Carrier has a registered permit in place. It does not have to be valid. However, KZN requires a KZN permit and other

Provinces will accept copies from other Provinces.

Which warning signs are required for Car Carriers?

You will need to attached only the following:

  • An Abnormal Load sign (front & Back) when you are loaded
  • An amber flashing light (Only when loaded and in traffic)
  • RTMS Sign board


How is the cost for a Cross Border permit calculated?

Regardless of the Border location, cost of a permit is calculated as follow:

GVM (Below of Above 25000kg)

The term of the permit 14 days / 3 months / annual / 5 years

What are road levies and why do I have to pay it?

Road levies are a type of road tax, payable at the various Border post and this is an essential tax for allowing you to use a Countries road network. In most case these can be paid by Card (Swiping) and it is priced in the local currency. The cost depends entirely on the Country and the GVM of your vehicle.

Normally you will need insurance cover as well and this can be obtained with the Road Levies.

What do I need to apply for a Cross Border Permit?

You will need the following:

  • A Valid certified Cipro Document (Certificate of incorporation) – ID for Individuals
  • A Valid Tax clearance Certificate
  • A Copy of the Truck / Horde Natis document (Valid licence & Certified)
When do I need a Cross border permit?

A Cross Border permit is required for any load that on a Vehicle  that crosses an International border.

When do I need a Vehicle escort for an abnormal load?

.When your load dimensions exceed the legal width (2600) with 3.400 m  will need 1 x own escort

When your load dimensions exceed the legal width (2600) with 3.800 m  will need 2 x own escort

When your load dimensions exceed the legal width (2600) with 4.800 m  will need 2 x Traffic Officer escorts or 1 x Own & 1 x Traffic escort

Should you exceed a height of 4.700 m you will need 1 x Front escort with a length poles and warning sign

Vehicle Registration & Licensing

How are PrDP penalties charged

A PrDP is given a grace period of 7 days from its expiry, failure to renew within this time will accrue penalties at P 20.00 a day until it reaches a month from the PrDP expiry date, at which point the PrDP will be cancelled and the holder will be required to make a fresh application, taking all tests where necessary. The law does not provide for exemption.

Is it possible to renew the road license without the registration book?

Yes, provided you produce the following form of identity, i.e.

  • Omang for citizens
  • Passport and resident/exemption permit for expatriates and,
  • Original expired disc and the individual identification (citizen or expatriate) in case of organizations.
What are the requirements for Change of Ownership
  • Certified copies of ID’s of the current and the new owner
  • Current Registration book signed by the current owner and new owner (In the case of the deceased owner; a death certificate and court order/customary court letter/District Attorney (Molaodi) indicating the beneficiary is required)
  • Organizational Stamp as it appears on the registration book next to the signature in the case of organizations
  • The required fee is currently P 130.00
What happens if I fail an eye test during the issuance of my driver’s license?

You are referred to an eye test doctor, who has to complete the DL 8 (Eye Screening) form issued to you by DRTS office after the test. No other form of results exempt the DL 8 will be accepted.

What has been done to address congestion at our offices?

The Department continues to address such problems through;

  • Procurement of new additional equipment which has been installed in a number of offices
  • Opening of new offices
  • Staff recruitment
  • Increasing agency service points e.g. post offices
Which particular Transport service is on offer at selected Post Offices and currently which are those Post Offices?

Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal Is offered at the following Post


  • River Walk Post Office
  • University Of Botswana Post Office
  • Station (Rail Park Mall) Post Office

KANYE Mmasekou Post Office

  • Francistown Post Office
  • Tati Town Post Office


  • Post Office
MASUNGA Post Office
HUKUNTSI Post Office
MAUN Post Office
SEROWE Post Office

  • Selebi-Phikwe Post Office
  • Botshabelo Post Office
  • MOCHUDI Post Office
    LETLHAKENG Post office

Why am I able to exempt my vehicle road license and told that I cannot exempt its permit

Each is governed by its unique law. The Road Transport Permit act has no provisions for exemption of Road Transport permit mainly because the vehicle has to stay operational and give service to the public, which is why vehicle substitution is catered for.

Why at times one cannot be helped while he/she came in the afternoon before 4 pm?

The queue monitoring system takes precedence over the set office hours. Through QMS, the Department is able to determine the estimated waiting time for each customer. Once the estimated waiting time goes beyond 1600 hrs the office will stop to issue any additional tickets. This means that customers may be declined even before 1600 hrs.

Why do I have to pay penalty fee while my vehicle is off-road?

You do not necessarily have to pay penalty fee, but failure to report the incidence within three months of the license expiry will cause the vehicle to accumulate penalties. (Exemption can only be applied for a minimum of three (3) months and a maximum of twelve (12) months), but it can be cancelled at anytime the vehicle has been fixed.

Why does it take too long to convert foreign driving licenses

It has come to light that many applications for driving license conversion use non authentic documents and as such the Department has resolved to verify all documents with issuing authorities. This is a lengthy process that depends on other stakeholders for cooperation.

Why does the Department use different penalties for driving licenses and PrDP’s

The Road Traffic Act prescribes different penalties and penalizing methods for driving licenses and PrDP’s. Please also note that a PrDP is a permit not a license.

Why the Department is charging penalty fee of P 7.00 per day for failing to renew driving licenses before expiry date?

The law provides that failure to renew the license within the stipulated time; one will have to pay a penalty fee of P 7.00 per day excluding weekends and public holidays but the penalty shall not exceed P 1, 000. 00


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